The improved ball control and stable flight characteristics of the Beau Jeu, but also its water resistance are all thanks to its outer shell. It consists of five layers based on Impranil® polyurethane raw materials from Covestro. -------------------------- Die verbesserte Ballkontrolle und die stabilen Flugeigenschaften, aber auch die hohe Wasserbeständigkeit des Beau Jeu sind vor allem seiner äußeren Hülle zu verdanken. Sie besteht aus fünf Schichten und basiert auf Impranil® Polyurethan-Rohstoffen von Covestro.

12 Jun 2016

Camel dialogue

At the small zoo camel ask: “Mother Mother, why do we eyelashes so long?” Camel mother said: “When the wind came, the long eyelashes will enable us to be able to see the direction of the storm.” small camel asked: “Mother Mother, why do we camels back then, the die ugly!” camel mother, said: “This is called hump, you can help us store a lot of water and nutrients, so that we can tolerate more than a dozen in the desert day of potable water without conditions. “small camel asked:” Mother Mother, why do we so thick the soles of the feet? “camel mother said:” That will enable us to many of the body is not stuck in soft sand, to facilitate long-distance ah journey. “small camel pleased bad:” Wow, so useful that we ah!! But mother, why we are still in zoos, do not desert hiking?
My talents to be useful, but now no one used. A good attitude + a successful teaching + an infinite stage = success. Each potential is unlimited, the key is to find a stage for their full potential.

we really need to learn something from this short story. Can you learn something from it? Please take action now.

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