1, features:
● high impact resistance, abrasion resistance;
● light weight;
● hardness with customer requirements modulation;
● can be made into any shape;
● surface easy coloring;
● can be placed filler reinforcement.

2, the use of
Polyurethane since the crust products in the sports equipment is widely used: fitness equipment cushion, backrest, kneeling pads, grips, pedals, bicycle saddles, sports kneepad. But also widely used in medical equipment, such as: one-piece dental chairs, surgical table tops edge, hanging racks, wheelchair handrails.

3, the company produces the following PU self-skinning products:
(1) Automotive: bumper; steering wheel; internal handle; car head pillow; dashboard; parking chock;
(2) fitness, bicycle, motorcycle cushion;
(3) Medical equipment plastic accessories;
(4) household items: chair armrests, legs, and other sanitary ware sitting circle; Automotive: bumper, steering wheel, help
Hand mats, car cushion the head / shift lever, fenders, spoilers, instrument panels, air filtration, bicycle seat
, Tractors, off-road vehicles cushion, reaction injection molding Office Supplies: handrail pads, chair legs, decorative
Products for other purposes: toys, packaging.