1, features
Rigid polyurethane foam having a high strength, light weight, good thermal insulation effect, etc., more than 40 years has been widely used in many fields, use a class divided into two categories as an insulating material, such as refrigerators, freezers within the rigid foam ; Another non-thermal insulation materials of construction, such as the production of furniture, sports equipment.
Rigid polyurethane foam material is a liquid, the reaction foam filled cavities or mold. Thus, more complex shapes filling cavities or making a product with a curved surface and the pattern is very easy.

2, the use of
Rigid polyurethane foam structure having a tough skin and strong low density foam core of the heart, is a very versatile synthetic material. It can be used to produce decorative materials, furniture, office supplies, sporting goods and other products, such as computer housings, TV shell, sled, white window frames, high Blinds, chair frame, cabinet,, picture frames, chairs / chair leg carving construction and decoration materials, furniture, automotive row cover, hard cover cargo trucks, trailers and other side. Some of these articles reinforced with glass fibers, is to enhance the structural foam.