25 May 2016

How to choose high quality’s child toilet seat?

Children start doing copycat when they grow up to 1 year and a half, Mother does cooking, he does cooking also, father brushes teeth, he would also grab a toothbrush to do, even go to toilet with toilet seat he also does as adult does. However, all the parents found a problem, household toilet is usually designed as per adult’s size, not suitable for children to use.

Children toilet seat is introduced and developed in line with the children’ individual requirement need, the COTTO’s from Fuyi decorative square, the adorable model of children toilets seal attract our attention, it is smaller than regular toilet seat’s size, it is suitable to use for the children below 1.3m. the toilet seat from the market usually designed as per adult’s size, but children’ buttock is small, the toilet seat of the adult’s size is a little big, it is easy to fall down, it needs adult to be an auxiliary for them to use on it. With the dedicated children toilet seat, the above problems are solved easily.   

Are you still vexed for choosing high quality’s children toilet seat? The toilet seat made with polyurethane material is your first choice, the toilet seat produce by Xiamen Finehope Polyurethane company is much better than what the market sells, mainly because it is good feeling, comfort  ( there is real leather feeling on surface, and it is very soft for children’s skin touch), fashionable design, good flexibility, and very environmentally, (in accordance with REACH, ROHs, EN71-3, phthalic 6P). And also it caters to children' interest and hobby, with a little more design, decoration, to make cartoon, lovely shape, so that it makes your child to be fully childlike when you go to toilet.

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