Synthesis and Application of polyurethane foam

Rigid polyurethane foam

Petrochemical piping, tanks and other thermal insulation; oil pipeline insulation; cold storage, refrigerated containers, refrigerators, freezers and other insulation, insulation. It can also be used to manufacture wood furniture; structural foam; automotive parts (door panels, roof, etc.).

  • Polyurethane foam is light weight, high strength, good dimensional stability.
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties of rigid polyurethane foam

Semi-rigid foam polyurethane

Semi-rigid polyurethane foam is a large variety of plastics. Characteristics of such products is a high compression load values and higher density. Its hardness is concerned, it is in a soft foam and rigid foam between. Today, semi-rigid mainly used in vehicles, aircraft and other transportation industries as a buffer seismic materials, upholstery materials, energy absorbing material and civilian footwear industry.

Flexible polyurethane foam

Flexible polyurethane foam, refers to a class with a certain elasticity softness polyurethane foam, which is the largest amount of a polyurethane product. The major products are high resilient foam, sponge block, slow rebound foam, polyurethane foam cell structure mostly openings. Generally it has a low density, good elastic recovery, sound-absorbing, breathable, insulation and other properties, mainly used for wood furniture pads, vehicle seat cushion material, a variety of soft liner laminated composite materials. Industrial and civilian use as a filter also put soft foam material, insulation materials, shock-proof materials, decorative materials, packaging materials and thermal insulation materials.