New Tires Rapid replacement technology tires Shop Tires

22 Mar 2019

New Tires Rapid replacement technology tires Shop Tires

New Tires Rapid replacement technology tires Shop Tires

  • Name:New Tires Rapid replacement technology tires Shop Tires
  • Material: PU- microcellular elastomers
  • Density: 450-500kg / m3
  • Shape: customized according to customer product design
  • Surface treatment color: white, gray, black and other colors can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Packaging: standard carton
  • Payment Terms: 30% deposit, payment and delivery.
  • MOQ: 1,000pcs
  • Shipping Location: China • Fujian • Xiamen
  • Meet the certification: RoSH, REACH, EN71-3, phthalic 6P
  • Other: China OEM and processing factories, specializing in the production of PU products, including product parts (iron, wood, plastic, etc.).

    First, the product description

    1. Features

    China Polyurethane Components Manufacturers and China Polyurethane Foam Suppliers high quality buggy tires

    Characteristics of PU solid tires: 

    1. No inflatable (filled PU material instead of the tube), strong bearing capacity;
    2. Strong wear resistance, is 6 times the rubber tires.
    3. Lightweight durable, heat resistant, cold resistant, corrosion resistance, good elasticity (minus 40 to maintain the original elasticity);
    4. Not afraid of nail bar, explosion-proof, anti bar, long service life;
    5. Product resistance to yellowing (3.5), anti aging, can be made into a variety of colors;
    6. Good resilience;
    7. Environmentally friendly products (no fluoride, no heavy metals, in accordance with REACH, ROHS), energy saving and safety, can be degraded.



      2, the product uses


      PU solid tire series products are widely used in: 
      Inflation free tyre: wheelchair car, electric cars, scooter, trolleys, baby stroller, depot, old car, industrial and mining vehicles, electric cars, electric scooter, lawn mower, golf cart, luggage wheel, airport baggage car products.