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16 May 2016

Polyurethane rigid foam – Polyurethane foam wall insulation leader

Building fire situation often occurs so many builders is really feel headache, if you do not install wall insulation, fire resistance is difficult to get effective protection. Wall insulation will be installed or the building of high end building, mainly for heat and fire proof effect. Kinds of wall insulation materials are more than the addition, but the fire performance of rigid polyurethane foam wall insulation have an outstanding advantage, it has become an important integral part of the building.

Rigid polyurethane insulation materials with low thermal conductivity, good thermal performance. When rigid polyurethane density 35 ~ 40kg / m3, thermal conductivity of 0.018 ~ 0.024w / (m.k), equivalent to about half of the EPS, is the best insulation material in all the low thermal material.

Rigid polyurethane insulation materials with moisture-proof, water resistance. Its closed cell ratio above 90%, is hydrophobic material and will not absorb moisture increases the thermal conductivity, the wall will not water seepage.

Rigid polyurethane insulation materials fire retardant, high temperature. After the addition of a flame retardant polyurethane, is a nonflammable, self-extinguishing material, its softening point can reach 250 degrees Celsius, only appear at higher temperatures decomposition; In addition, the polyurethane foam when burned in their carbon surface, this layer of carbon will help isolate the underlying foam. Can effectively prevent the spread of flame. And polyurethane at high temperatures does not produce harmful gases.

Because of rigid polyurethane insulation material has excellent insulation properties, in the requirements to achieve the same insulation, can reduce the thickness of the external structure of buildings, thereby increasing the indoor area.

Rigid polyurethane insulation materials have so many advantages, you are still the choice of building materials for the trouble? Xiamen Finehope polyurethane company produces rigid polyurethane insulation materials can fully meet your needs, tailored for you.

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