08 Aug 2016

PU foam cushions, PU back pad,PU foam cushion

  • Name: PU foam cushions, PU back pad,PU foam cushion China suppliers, China factory back pad PU, PU back pad made in China
  • Category: Rubber PU, PU backrest pad
  • Material: PU Polyurethane – from the crust
  • Density: 200-250kg / m3
  • Shape: According to customer requirements for product design and custom mold
  • Color: black, color can be customized on request.
  • Packaging: Standard carton
  • Payment Terms: 30% deposit, payment and delivery.
  • MOQ: 1,000pcs
  • Shipping Location: China • Fujian • Xiamen
  • Meet the certification: RoSH, REACH, EN71-3, phthalic 6P
  • Other: Chinese OEM and processing factories, specializing in the production of PU products, including accessories (iron, wood, plastics, etc.).

First, the product description

1. Features

PU foam cushion China suppliers, China factory back pad PU, PU back pad made in China, PU and back cushion of polyurethane products, custom mold PUR cushions

Since a skin foam characteristics: 
1. Low density, light weight, no smell, the surface texture of leather, one piece no difference. 
2. The high impact resistance, wear resistance, permanently elastic 
3. waterproof, crack, anti-UV, anti-distortion, anti-aging; 
4. Surface easy to color, easy to color the whole, are environmentally friendly products; 
5. hardness with customer requirements modulation; 
6. Can be made into any shape, it can be placed in reinforcing filler, light weight, easy to install;


2, the product uses



Since a soft leather products are widely used:

  1. Automotive: bumper, steering wheel, armrest mats, car head cushions, shift lever, fenders, overcast flow plate, the instrument panel, air filter, bicycle seat, tractors, off-road vehicles cushion, reaction injection molding products Wait;
  2. sports equipment: fitness equipment cushion, backrest, kneeling pads, grips, pedals, bicycle saddles, sports kneepad and so on;
  3. Medical devices: one piece dental chairs, surgical table tops edge, hanging racks, wheelchair armrests;
  4. Household items: armrest mats, chair legs, decorative items;
  5. Other Uses: toys, packaging;