20 Jul 2016

Very seriously I want a beautiful sunshine flower up a good young

Do you like me?

      I am a girl who love sports, this habit from the beginning of the third year pro forma adhere to the present. Also at that time that movement is really a magical presence, one of the most "inexpensive" way to relieve stress.

      After graduating from college just the work of those two years, the movement has become the fits and starts network thing, the most common excuses for himself and will not be like you?
– Not any time ah
– It would be a good storm ah sleep
– Tomorrow! Tomorrow we must exercise

      Later, I asked myself three questions:
 I want to be what kind of person?
– Have a healthy body, a positive attitude, happy every day (good official answer ha ha ha)

  How I can do?
– Every day exercise, exercise makes me happy, so I have a healthy body, and I love life.

    I do it? I can not do what reason?
– Did not actually do it. I exercise it? Exercise it. I insist on it? Well occasionally not want to move. This state is accepting yourself? Can not, ah, I do not want to be a beautiful flower inspirational good young sun up yet?

  When you think you do a good time,
  Do not forgot to remind ask yourself, do you really enough?

     Here I have to say one pair of "Wang Hong", they circle in cross-border trade is positive energy we affectionately called the "Huge tiger Sao", they are a pair of love Shenxianjuanlv warm, full body Dousou . They get up early every day to run, insist on and affect the people around them, so that they begin to focus on their health, concerns persist that he is not a person.

      They travel in different places when running, jogging rain umbrella abroad backwards running time difference, they traveled around the world to prepare, which is indeed better than to see Niagara Falls in Canada, but also amazing.



20160720_104544_005 20160720_104544_006




20160720_104544_008 20160720_104544_009
(Hong Kong)

20160720_104544_010 20160720_104544_011
     Filled with smiles on their faces told me insist morning run is not so difficult. If you want, you can smell the fresh clean air, see the beautiful soft morning light, you can also enjoy their breakfast prepared after a hot bath, small hearts are indeed fortunate not to be hugely magnified.
      Squeeze squeeze time becomes longer, the time saved can do many things, full of vitality of the day is beginning.

      There are many ways sports, you can choose the one that best suits you.

      You can not wake a person pretending to be asleep. When the behavior becomes a habit, when you completely love, when you know what is keeping, everything becomes simple.